Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lonely bloom

I planted a double Hollyhock in the beginning of summer. It took it ALL summer to grow to over 7 ft. and just this week it had the first bloom. Lots left to bloom but it will be too cold for the rest of them. Did you notice I love pink, frilly, ruffled, complicated flowers the most? Will definitely try this one again! Plant more. Plant earlier. I want to plant creeping baby's breath next year. Back before I was so pressed for time, I would pour over seed catalogs and figure out what I wanted in the garden for the season. I am going to try and plan out a few new plants this winter for next summer.

Double Hollyhock

Double Hollyhock

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Those double hollyhocks are just gorgeous. I grew a yellow one once, to die for. Won't yours come back next year, and maybe bloom sooner.Wow, I just love that pink.

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