Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kate Minus Jon - Who Cares?

The separation of Jon and Kate is all over the news and I kept asking ... who are these people and why do we care? Well, I finally watched a little video about the split and someone told me the premise of the show. America, don't we have bigger, more important things to focus on?


jill said...

I agree... except that I used to watch the show when the little ones were really little, and I'm telling you they sucked me in. (for a while at least)

I could care less about the parents, but those sextuplets are just so darn cute and it is just so sad to think that these adults can't get their crap together! ick.

Scott W said...

I do not care what they do and have never watched the program. Now, give me a bunch of bitchy designers (like Project Runway) and I am hooked!

S'mee said...

I also feel sad when ANY child has to go through their parents divorce. I feel equally appalled that for the 6 youngest of the children have live like 'Truman' in a fish bowl their entire lives, the older two had only two(?) years of privacy. Their lives will continue to be played out for all to speculate and photograph and discuss over strange dinner tables.

Meanwhile very few dinner table discussions will be about the 3rd world level poverty in Appalachia. Most people who could finger point and i.d. Kate, John and the famous 8 could not find Appalachia on a map, much less care that children there are starving and living in cardboard homes.