Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dreaming Up A New life

Read this post this morning on {my typography}, Morning comes.

I find I am dreaming a lot about work lately, about being invisible, being frustrated, just worry dreams ... trying to manage my life behind my eyelids. I need to find the discipline I once processed ... coming home from work and doing something for me. Instead I come home exhausted and frustrated and do nothing except worry about getting to bed at 8 p.m., pathetic really. Think about what I should be cleaning or ironing. Think about all the projects I have in some state of "beginning my idea". Worry about the mess I will make in my studio and when I will have time to clean it all up. So, I think it all comes down to TIME. That seems to be my biggest conflict right now.

These are the questions that Christina asked:

What did you dream last night?
Some work dream

What is the greatest thing that stresses you out?

What are three things that made you happy today?
1. Looking at the peonies blooming in the garden
2. Watching my son and his friends going off to have a cook-out at the beach
3. Practicing calligraphy

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