Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garden Inventory

I know, I know, I said I was taking the week off of blogging. But I can't. Not going to happen. I took a couple of days off, does that count?

Taking inventory of the garden today. Peonies are vanishing, hydrangeas are beginning to bloom. Poppies are sustaining. I love many weeds but there is one thing in my yard that I hate ... morning glories! They are everywhere. Taking over!

This is what the little Iceland poppy looked like a week later.

and then later

Poppies blooming now

close and personal

and the beautiful reminder

what is left

And good bye to Sarah (peonies) for 2009. That went really fast!

Good bye, Sarah

Good bye, Sarah

Now, that I have not manage not to blog, don't forget the Light Give-away ... go sign up!

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Love the perspective, tho I am a sucker for the macro!