Friday, May 01, 2009

On The Hood

I am not a "car" person at all. I hate the thought that U.S. icons are might be gone forever. Yeah, they don't make cars like they use to! Pontiac Chieftain, (seen below) love this color.

Old boyfriend had a Dodge Ram, flying goddess, Ford Motor Hood Ornament (Etsy) and this 1931 Chevy hood ornament. Wow, to all!

I want an antique car! Any one would do. My first choice would be a Range Rover. My second choice would be a Bentley ... feels like this in the best sense. Bond's Bentley would suit me just fine! Only an old one, not a new one.


katenelson said...

I want this:
Sigh. $22K...

Kim Carney said...

we could buy it together and share it! I love it too ;)