Monday, May 25, 2009

Spoiling In The Sun

No, she is not spoiled at all! Sunning with mom.

play with me!

play with me!

play with me!


dee said...

OMG the cuteness overload....Just adorable..both of them

Scott W said...

Sunny? I thought she was Pixel.

So cute!

Maureen said...

ohhhh pixel or pica I can never remember her name ... she is a cutie pie. so dignified in an undignified way. heh ;-)

me melodia said...

Ah! That last shot it so cute.
So much 'tude.

Kim Carney said...

hey Scott, sorry, I should proof read ... her name is pixel ... i should have said sunning ;) I know pixel, pica all very confusing, which is why I probably still call her "the baby" she is still very small but is a true destructive force!