Monday, December 10, 2007

Trees Are Up

The trees are up but I am down in my back. That is always so labor intensive ... ladder climbing, stair climbing, on my knees in crawl spaces finding boxes of Christmas decoration. But we are well on our way to getting the house ready for Santa and family soon to be here.

the storm before

The trees are up but I am down in my back ;)


I am starting to feel a little Christmas card panic! Tara has designed her card and put them in the mail.

card from Tara

And Shelley sent me the lovely pink Christmas card/ornament all the way from Oklahoma! I thought of her today when I saw the news about those terrible ice storms in her area.

Pink Christmas surprise in the mail

I hung more branches from the ceiling with some white paper lanterns and now I need to make some small paper snow flakes to go with.

dressed up for xmas

dressed up for xmas


s'mee said...

LOVE the trees! Take care of your back sweety.

Wendee said...

Oooo. Lovely! Sigh...

Shelley Noble said...

Oooo, spectacular! A forest of decorate trees and all the witty other things, like the berries on the antlers. Those branches look amazing. The best thing is having your mom at home with you, I bet.

Lex said...

Cool, your house looks awesome so far

Jeri said...

Would you come decorate for me, too? I live in Edmonds, too, and have no decorating style. My Mom was in the hospital for 3 weeks We're headed down that way soon and it will be a Merry Christmas because she is being discharged today from a rehab center and will be back home for the holidays. We almost lost her. We just need to put a bow on Mom's head, and that is all the gift I need. Anyway, your home is lovely. You have a great sense about your decorating, which I lack and appreciate. I love the branches and berries.

Adele said...

Oh so gorgeous. Loved the picture of your sparkling mother and dining room.

Shelly said...

Your trees are gorgeous and your Mom looks wonderful!
So happy you received your ornament and hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!!