Friday, December 28, 2007

Hacked Off And Hype Type

David Airey is hacked off and I don't blame him. You must read his story here about his personal website being illegally snatched by a cyber-bandit. While you are there, take a look at the alphabet, but not as we know it.

Type experiments on behance and A1 paper cut illustration, seen below.

Laser type

Hello Color

ABC photogram, very cool by Dutch Osborne, seen below.

Genocide font by Lars Harmsen (the Cambodian Genocide project) via slanted.


Typographica, journal of typography.

Pixel/LED fonts, Luc Devroye

Fingertype by Jonathan Looman, seen below via Type For You blog.

And finally, I laughed until my eyes watered watching make my logo bigger cream via Sera Strawbridge via Uniquely the Epitome.


David Airey said...

Thanks for the kind mention, Kim. I appreciate it, and hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Julie Moore said...

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Looking forward to viewing more.