Friday, December 28, 2007

Frozen Vignette From California

Shelley made THE MOST ADORABLE card/ornament this year based on Folk Art Bottle Whimseys, which are simply one of my favorite folk art. I was completely blown away! And so thrilled to be the receptient! She talks about her magical creation here. Thank you so very much!

Gift from Shelley Noble

Gift from Shelley Noble


Shelley Noble said...

Yay! Now I have Kim Carney Quality Original Photos of these! Woot! Lucky me.

Kim, I'm completely complimented by your appreciation of these! I admire your art of all kinds big heaps! Thank you, thank you! And a great big Happy New Year to you!

PS: Hmmm, I see that of the bottles still have condensation inside!? I thought that changing the glue and adding a scoop of silica gel to the snow would take care of that. Well, at least the presents didn't UNWRAP!!!!! because of the moisture like they did on my test bottles!

It was like a real Christmas inside the first bottle. I went to bed seeing the presents all snug under the tree and woke up to an elf ravaged mess, paper and bows flung everywhere in there in the morning! LOL.

Visual-Voice said...

I love this ornament! Yummy, wonderful!

waltraut said...

Thank you for all those terrific links during the year. I especially enjoyed the folk art bottles. Have a good start into the new year.