Saturday, January 28, 2006

Those Were The Days, Dresses

I got all worked up over GLAMOUR and went on gown hunt.
Gold metallic bobbin lace gown with silk tissue chiffon. JACQUES HEIM designer silk and beaded ballgown with matching cape. BEER - ultimate deco flapper coat. BOB MACKIE COUTURE beaded Egyptian influenced gown. 1913 Allen & Brown, New York ivory satin and lace evening gown. 1912 JEANNE HALLEE, Paris pink gossamer silk chiffon gown. 1912 Edwardian silk embroidered and beaded satin and chiffon evening gown. I have always wanted a linen Edwardian Tea Dress, I could have this made here. Doyle News on vintage Couture, textiles and accessories.

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eyeovthestorm said...

Beautiful! I love vintage