Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sweet Saturday Surfing

In no particular order of preference. As always, I want them all!

Bracelets by Designs by Hillary. Cool Margarita, I really like the simplicity of this sun-kissed Sunshine On My Shoulders and this Rolling Stones bracelet from Milagro Jewelry.

Aife necklace from Rosemary Beads and her blog. Jennifer Syfu's necklaces and pendants.

Fruity bracelet, Amy's delicious creations and my very talented neighbor, Pam. I like this combination of materials and her store.

You could save $20,000 on this ring.

Jette Vogt wonderful porcelain brooches.

Lucky Accessories has these fun little dangles with words seen below.


Linda said...

Kimmy, this 'armchair' travel you take me on with your links just boggles my mind on how much stuff is out there and how teeny teeny tiny is my little piece of the world without this wonderfulness of the internet - love!

la vie en rose said...

i have got to have one of those cute word dangles. those are fun!

liz elayne said...

you find the greatest stuff out there on the web much fun.