Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I want this 4 Piece Honey Sampleset (must see the packaging, to buzz for), chocolate twigs, something fig and anything from speciality foods! All found via 101 cookbooks, a must daily read.

Mom is making french onion soup today for me, I am sick. She made eggplant tapanade for her lunch, is dipping rosemary bread in a oil, balsamic vinegar and rosted garlic. And she bought this at her local asian market, Seasoned Anchovy with Sesame, they are great.


s'mee said...

Can I be sick at your house? Please feel better soon, you are a favorite of mine!

Amy said...

Feel better soon! French onion soup is a favorite around here (I could eat Gruyere 'til the cows come home).

Kim Carney said...

s'mee - thank you, come and be sick at my house anytime! My mom takes care of us all. The soup was perfection.