Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Little Blue Sky

Glorious day today, no rain and sun rays came from the sky! Birds are going crazy in the backyard. Finches, sparrows, pine siskins, stellar jays, flickers, juncos. They are all out in their singing praises for a dry day. Pica is quite satisfied to see the sun. And I walked in the go yard and discover we have a couple of things blooming. helleborus, spring bouquet, and Sweetbox (Sarcococca) ... my favorite. Rain and winter ravaging hydrangea petals.

Hydrangea skeleton

Jan blooming



Dana said...

I adore the picture of your dog (Pica? right). He/she looks so calm.

Linda said...

Love this photo too.... Pica looks positively majestic! LOL.

paula said...

There's just something about your Pica that's so adorable!

la vie en rose said...

your pics are amazing.

Cassi said...

Your photos always amaze me Kim! You are so talented :) I love Pica's expression - very regal!