Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let's Swap

Maybe I am not cut out for swaps. I get nervous about forgetting to do them. And then fall back into my comfort zone, design and print! But I did finish them, so that is something, isn't it?


I am afraid I made a mess of my first ATC ever and my second swap. Sorry fellow ATC swap recipients! The upside is I rediscover my art studio, cleaned a little and found lots of things down there that I had forgot I had!

I found a ring in a little sack of thrift store goodies of twine and beads. I find twine, ribbon, beads mostly for gift wrapping at the thrift store. At one time I would find the best wool for knitting for my friend Susan. And use to find all kinds of linens and china. I really don't find much of that anymore, Ebay? or they are not putting the good stuff out? I don't know. But I have almost give up on thrift stores now. Not worth the effort. In my studio under mounds of crap, found lots of papers, paints, carving materials. All of the prints that I have purchased in the last couple of months that I need to have framed. And I can see the top of my work table and I guess it is time to make another big mess.



Amy said...

I'm sorry, but I just don't see how you could have messed up the cards! From the snap shots I can already tell they are DIVINE. P.S. I love the detail on your thrift store ring.

paula said...

Me, too (details on the ring).

I do the same, Kim, lurk but leave few comments. That's probably the norm.