Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I squealed out loud when I saw a few of these images!

Donna Rhae Marde,
Ice Breaker and sewn map bowls, and a Match rug.


Times of the Butterfly by M. Joan Lintault.

Ruth Tabancay
tea bag quilt titled "Asleep", I hope she is drinking herbal.

Rachel Lawrence Edwards "
Sole Purpose".

Meredith Re' Grimsley's creation of recycled Earl Grey tea bags, unbleached coffee filters, tea stained cotton muslin titled "
Caffeinees", "Sole Purpose" by Rachel Lawrence Edwards, Miyuki Imai also working in teabags, cotton thread, plants.

Miyuki Imai

This is so fun!
Festive Fibers felt of Nicole Chazaud Telaar.




Bonnie Ward Klehr at Aron Packer Gallery, "Expectations" by Natasha Kempers-Cullen, Sabina Palley "Doris At A Quilt", Bettina Andersen.

Bonnie Ward Klehr


Linda said...

WoW talk about creativity!! Coincidentally, I recently saw a profile of an artist on TV that works with used coffee filters. Can't remember her name, but she made kimonos, among other things.
She inspired me to start saving my own... for a project as yet unknown to me... LOL

phlegmfatale said...

Amazing. The teabag stuff is startling, and I adored the map bowls. Of course, it's all fabulous!