Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"We do"

We had a wedding last weekend! Bri and Matt decided to have a low key, civil ceremony at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse. After 9 years together, a precious 4-year-old addition ... we got a beautiful daughter and now we are all Millers!

It was a wonderful wedding event with family. And Mason had a blast. ;)

My letter to Bri and Matt:

 "I am so thankful Matt has found someone to love, who loves him, who understands and tolerates him. I see two people who laugh and have conversations while they are cooking dinner. Who have goals and dreams and are willing to work towards them. Two people who are great parents to an extraordinary little girl. I am so thankful to welcome a wonderful, smart, giving daughter into our lives. I have always bragged that we have the best son in the world. David and I were lucky to have Matt. He changed us for the better, added so many wonderful memories. He is the best and now we can brag that we also have the best daughter. On a side note. I think it is funny that a polish boy found a polish girl in the middle of High School. Let’s call it fate"


Erin Wilson said...

Oh my goodness, your son looks so happy! And you all look gorgeous!

Unknown said...

How wonderful!!!! All the very very best wishes to them. Your letter to them was beautiful.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you guys ;) It all seems like a dream sometimes.

s'mee said...

What a beautiful family. Gives me hope for good things. And that little one...mercy, isn't she a lovely child.