Sunday, September 03, 2017

I wish I was braver

I know well enough I am an artist (and graphic artist). I suffer and delight in creating something almost every day of the year. I struggle daily learning new skills, keeping up with updated apps,  trying to stay "young in thought" and relevant as I age and talented coworkers have just left college with a shiny new degrees. Sometimes it is fun and wonderful, sometimes a challenge, sometimes painful, sometimes I don't want to own it and sometimes I want to shout it out to the world, "this is mine"!

I feel like a chicken because I choose a paycheck instead of exploring the life of a real artist, untethered by rules, regulations, stackholders and budgets. Set free by exploring every little corner of a creative thought or internal spark. But I have always been too cautious and poor to be that brave. Maybe in another lifetime. In the meantime, I can enjoy these little snippets of what seems like real artist enjoying their talent. To quote the song in video below ...  "Oh, if only, if only ... "

Edith Rewa · Field Trip from The Design Files on Vimeo.

More on Edith Rewa here

Sheridan by Ken Done from The Design Files on Vimeo.

More about Ken Done here on Design Files.


s'mee said...

I consider myself an artist too, it, and ASL interpreting, are the only things I've ever earn "good" money for. That said, for the last 40+ years I did what everybody wanted, from billboards to personal greeting cards, calligraphy to portraits.... just in whatever style they wanted. I felt like a xerox machine rather than an artist, and as a result never found *my* style. I just glance at a piece you've done and I know it is yours. You have a very distinct style, which I very much envy. I love your work, I love your *style* - it's so *you*, so, for me, I look at you and think "she's made her mark in the world. I doubt anyone sees *me* in anything I have done, only a reflection of what they wanted accomplished -but needed me to produce.

Kim Carney said...

Oh Gosh! That made me cry!!! And that is just how I feel. I also "do" the style that is required under the circumstance and job ... I am right with you there. thank you so much !!!!!!!!! xoxoxox