Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Finding focus

I have never been more disgusted to be an American citizen than I am this day and all the days since November 8th. 

I have taken myself off of Facebook. After unfriending 90% of my friends and family. Literally deleting most of my family from my life. I am intense, too focused on what this present administration is doing to our country. This is NOT a joke. This is NOT normal. This is NOT a religious movement, as some of my Texas family believes. I understand Republicans voted on abortion ... but really, do you give up your entire decent belief system just to get abortion illegal in this country. Do you allow a maniac and his family to use the United States as their personal ATM machine while breaking every ethical law in the book? 

So, now. I am trying to focus on some beautiful things again. It is hard. It is hard to find a smile when someone tells a joke. I think to myself ... this is not a joking time in our country. I don't want to watch the Today show and segments about the best mascara or how to cut up a watermelon. I think ... how shallow can we be right now? Our country is falling apart and they want to concentrate of trivial crap. So I have given up watching morning news shows and opt for CNN, MSNBC, BCC, Cspan, and any other news organization that will focus on what is going on in this country's downfall. 

I have never felt the need to own a gun but I told my husband the other day that I want to buy a couple of guns and learn how to use them. I see and hear of the "next civil war" and I am not convinced that we are not heading for one right now.

The alt-right is so far away from anything decent and true. That I am not sure what is going to happen next in this country and I am truly scared.

I keep thinking ... what would people have been doing when Hitler was taking over Germany? Some would sit back and see nothing unusual going on. And some would say and see ... we live in a dangerous time right now and speak up against it.


Joanne S said...

Yes to everything you had to say-minus the guns. Already have them but really don't want to think about civil war.
I watch and listen and often change channels. why have an expert on to answer serious questions and then not give the person time and space to ANSWER? Always talking--louder and louder and the Trump people can't stop "smirking" like they are the fabulous punch line to a really good joke.

did you know that when asked what country we fought for our freedom--Independence day--- most didn't know it was England. they answered--Iraq or afghanistan or Syria. Wonder where they got that idea, huh?

Joanne S said...

Oh and asked why the russians can Cyber attack-- a russian said --perhaps because we have such good schools that teach serious math and computer classes??????

Kim Carney said...

I know! I is scary! And a trump supporter said 9-11 was all Obama's fault and that he did nothing to stop it ;0

waltraut said...

Sometimes I just sit with my (serious) newspaper in front of me and cannot believe what I am told what is happening. Not just in the US, EVERYWHERE! I hope it is just a bad dream, but it is reality. I scares me but I never think owning a gun will alter anything. It just will make things worse.