Sunday, April 07, 2013

Had a minute to finish up a couple of Brantlers

I have sold out at butterhome! Had a few started and took a minute to finish them. And to update Brantlers website. I also was very busy with mom and at the Everett Herald.

Update: Brantlers hanging at butterhome! Sent from Claire.

So far, this is my favorite. It is fragile but oh, so, pretty!



Anonymous said...

Love the red and green ones! Ruth

Hilary @ Caring Homes said...

It's no wonder, they're amazing! How are you managing to make enough for demand?

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Ruth and Hilary! I am just hardly keeping up right now ;) but making an effort. maybe some day I will have more time to dedicate.

Eri said...

So beautiful Kim!