Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fly type!

The weather was colder in San Antonio than Seattle! Which was a blessing for me! My friend Irene insisted I purchase something in fiesta colors and we went to Fiesta. 

I gathered up sand and bought home lots of it. 

I gathered up some Texas twigs and bought them home in a 48x15x15 box. As I was checking it as baggage (only an extra $20), I told Faith ... this will be the story told about me for years to come. "Remember the time when Kim shipped home a box full of sticks!" And everyone laughs. 

Got home and go busy catching up at work. Catching up with family and the dogs needed some extra pets. Found this wonderful post to at Guusan, a 25-year old graphic designer and illustrator recently designed species of butterflies using letters. Isn't that brilliant?

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