Saturday, March 09, 2013

Secret ingredient

Well, I am not going to Texas tomorrow. Instead, my friend has a publisher for her book ... and we will be spending the week putting that together for a 3/15 deadline. ;)

Before I am off into InDesign-no-man's-land ... I have been working on Brantlers, on and off the last 2 days. 

The secret ingredient. ;)

Painting branches red and recycled metal leaves from Goodwill (painted my favorite green).

Trying to get two branches that match up is a real challenge. The reason I have so many in my garage. Tell my husband that. ;) One is perfect ... will have to go out and get another matching one. 


Maureen said...

your brantlers are getting branchier and branchier, Kim, lovelier and lovelier. I like the leaves very much!

Kim Carney said...

yes, they are finally getting to what my vision was .. ;) I started small to work out the kinks

Serena Fenton said...


Mads Monsen said...

Amazing and really interesting. Thanks a lot for share. Love like it.