Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I have had such a crazy last two weeks. Work, book, more work, made these crazy eggs spelling out EASTER EGG HUNTS for the A&E cover. I spent 3 days (after watching Martha on the Today Show talk about these decal and making her eggs) trying to find the decals, (no one had them) ... then looked for temporary tattoo decal paper. None. Finally, found decal paper at Galaxy Hobby for car decals. It turned out pretty good, but not something I think I would do again. Spend hours photoshopping the shiny decal edges out of the photo. 


Since I need to be illustrating feature stories again, signed up for a SKILLSHARE class  by Brad Woodard - Digital Illustration: Communicate with Color, Pattern and Texture. It was good, but I ran out of personal time to work on it and ended up throwing something out there. There were some wonderful concepts and art in the class. Mine was titled Quiet Mind in a Big Space.

After weeks and weeks of not feeling like I had a day off, yesterday, I cleaned up a month's worth of clothes collecting on the chair in our bedroom. A convenient place for the cats to sleep. While I was cleaning ... I watched 2 seasons Shameless on the watchathon. The father character you want to kill ... the mother is a mess, it is train wreck you can not turn away from. If you like incorrigible, reckless, deeply flawed characters that make you feel better about your life ... then this is the show for you. Unfortunately, we don't have Showtime ... so I will have to wait until the next free watchaton to catch up on Season 3.

So, now to go catch up on the rest of my life, like Brantlers and cleaning house. Have a great Easter! xoxox

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