Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Multitasking brain

I found myself listening/watching Rick's webinar, skyping a question to someone in New York, talking to David standing here by me at the computer, and working on an illustrator document all the same time. Now that is multitasking! Here is Rick's Thesis 2.0 Webinar. I am so excited to start playing around with Thesis 2.0. I have been trying to build out kimcarney.com forever ... maybe this is the time.

It has been an incredibly busy couple of days. The electrician was here last week, today and maybe tomorrow, finishing up fixes us. He installed some LED lights in the kitchen ... and OMG, so bright, you can see all the dirt even more than before. We are (re)working on lighting that he worked on 13 years ago. Between Electrician and Plumber ... I have been in a cleaning frenzy. Every time they take out chunks of wall, or take down a light and make a new hole in the ceiling ... I spend my night cleaning and mopping.

I remember when we first move into this house and cleaned it. I would clean something and think "how did people live that this?" talking about the dirt/grease/filth. And when I pulled out my (own) washing machine and mopped the floor beneath it ... I thought the same thing ... but this time I was talking about ME and my filth. Scary! Nothing like having a house full of workman to make you see your space in all of it's dirt.

I think I might have had a freelance job that will pay for some of my electrician bill ;) That makes me happy. 

Mom was doing really well for one day, then pulled something in her lower back yesterday morning. She has been crying (whimpering) ever since. Heating pads, ice packs, drugs, Ibuprofen, a shot of brandy ... anything to get her pain to subside. I think tomorrow we will have to make a trip to the doctor. 

I promise soon I will be blogging about something fun. ;)

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