Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Just playing

I worked on Brantlers ... but really I just played today with no "goal" for the day except to play and think and experiment. 

No job, no job applications, no charts or learning Thesis 2.0. Power tools and paint were my tools of the day.  I have had this idea in my head forever ... this is my lame prototype but I figured out what I need to do to get it to be sturdy and to hang. It is called HANGING ON EVERY WORD. The words can be changed out to whatever you want, however you want to hang them on the wire. AND the exciting part ... I cut it, put it together and painted it today! The wire comes out of her mouth, into a trough in the back. That needs to be fine tuned.

Because I have been so fascinated by barns since our 30 day trip on the East coast ... when I wasn't driving, I was doodling the barns we passed by. Trying to capture the colors, the little windows, the shape. I took a some of the 12x12 boards I have in the garage, cut them, painted them. BARNS. I was thinking  of cutting out the windows but knew that would take much longer. So I just painted them in.

I am not sure how I would hang them. I left the outside edge plain wood, but I think now I need to stain them some color. Anyhoo ... David loved them and he usually doesn't that excited about stuff I haul upstairs from the garage to *SHOW and TELL*. I would love to see 9 of them, hung in a 3 x 3 grid display!


Erin Wilson said...

I love the barns, Kim. Can't help thinking I'd love to see a row of them along a book case, or a mantel amongst greenery at Christmas.

Kim Carney said...

yes! And I was thinking I could attach elements to the outer edge ...
bird? sun? Thank you!

Shelley Noble said...

LOVE Hanging on Every Word, Kim! You are terribly clever and wonderful with design!

The barns are great too! These will be incredibly popular! GOGOGO!

Scott W said...

I use sawtooth hangers for wooden pieces. So quick and easy.