Friday, October 12, 2012

Me, as an infographic

In one of my job applications weeks ago, the request was to tell about yourself in an infographic. I resurrected my "brain" stuff, embellished and added additional information. All tongue-in-cheek, of course, with a little grim reality thrown in. 

Rick laughed out loud this morning and insisted I share this with the world. ;) 

This were the first two "self-portraits" I did in the past.

Then I added a couple of pie charts, work history and my day broken down in events, then and now. I don't think you can read the small print. But you get the jest of it. ;) If you are *really* interested, I have a pdf you can download and read for your amusement.



Shelley Noble said...

Hands down--the best resumé I have ever ever seen. So inventive so clever. You are such a treasured talent.

Try applying to work for smarter companies! Sheesh, what's wrong with people?

s'mee said...

Amen to Shelley Noble's comment. Unbelievably clever.

Kim Carney said...

ha, you guys are so funny... I should make a more serious version of this and incorporate it into a more graphic resume... have been thinking of doing that. Thank you ;) xo