Sunday, August 26, 2012

Olga Ziemska

I love this artist statement! And work of Olga Ziemska.

 Art as a tool for understanding life. 

Helping us to discover how our minds create all these visions of reality. 

Art allows us to question values, morals, philosophies, religions, science, physics, and our selves. Giving us the tools to help understand and see further into the nature of the world- that is above, below and in-between. 

We utilize science to explain our physical world, but art can be utilized to explain our soul. 

Reweaving the fabric of reality. Probing the inner pieces of atoms to see into the interior of stars. Answering the questioning mind quietly -- carefully. 
Exploring all the mirrored paths of consciousness with extended hands. 
Opening the doorway to the infinite. 
Being still to listen. 

These are all the progressions, the steps in comprehending our place in this ever-changing space. Taking many pieces to create a simpler form through thought and action. 

Gazing through an open doorway, looking beyond the lifeless forms that our lives have become -- looking beyond, into the very face of god. 
“Is that you?” they ask themselves. 
Ah, so we were all right in the end. 

Still being still to listen. 

Returning meaning back to nature. 
Making the human body a part of the whole, not the whole part. 
Blending the body in. Showing how easily it can mesh, morph and disappear. 
The body is nothing without that which surrounds it. 
This is an ever-changing reflection. 

Olga Ziemska 
Artist Statement 
May 2011

Listen ...  - 2003

Locally reclaimed birch logs, plaster hand casts
9' x 6" x 16'

Accumulate vision, Build bridges, Breathe exhibition at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland
The piece was located on the grounds of the Centre's Sculpture Park just outside the Chapel Gallery.

Octavio - 2007

Crystallized handmade chenille stem letters, monofilament

Visual depiction of the poem Sight and Touch (for Balthus) by Octavio Paz.

Mirror Matter
MOCA Cleveland, Ohio
Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Series


ELFI said...

j'aime beaucoup!
les mains et les lettres ..mon sujet de prédilection!!

Kim Carney said...

moi aussi! En particulier des lettres ...