Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cleaning, cussing, cooking

Very busy and distracted the last couple of weeks, trying to get the kids back in the house. Where to put all of the stuff? Combining what we can, many trips to Goodwill and dump. Mom says it looks like we live in the city dump, and that is not far off. Garage sell in our very near future

Back on the job search. 

It is 91 degrees today! Yikes. I tried to do a little yard work, might wait until the sun goes down. Still trying to do laundry catch-up.

Mom in the hospital tonight for observation. I hate to leave her there, but think it is for the best. She is very dehydrated. She will be back in her normal spot in the lounge chair tomorrow.

Trying to keep everyone fed. It is so different with more hungry people in the house. I can't expect them to eat crackers and cheese for dinner. I would just eat cucumber and hummus every meal. I really don't think about eating until it is about 3 hours after I am starving.

Pebbles is having a good time. Fitting in, playing with everyone. Figuring out the backyard is all hers to go and come as she pleases. Faith says she looks like a "wookie" and I like it as a name. 

I think Pica has completely lost his sight now. Having to carry him up and down the stairs when he looks lost or stands at the top of the stairs whining.

Pixel has had enough of the mess, the dogs, the heat. And I just might join her or enjoy a very cold beer!


Scott W said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Pica.

Kim Carney said...

thank you Scott. It breaks my heart to see him getting old and fragile

ELFI said...

jolie situation.. mais triste le vieillissement d'un chien..

Kim Carney said...

Hell Elfi! Je suis triste à propos de Pica obtenir fragile. Je pense que Jolly est le mot parfait!