Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Washing my hair and a real shower ... felt so fabulous. Brushing my teeth with running water and peeing in a real toilet that I know we don't have to dump later at the RV park ... all wonderful! Wanted to sleep all day but woke up very early, drank coffee and caught up on a few of my favorite shows, Grimm and Political Animals (I sure hope Political Animals stays around). I guess we did not get a LONGMIRE while I was gone. The piece on Lehman Brothers on 60 minutes made my blood boil. Greed and corruption ... it was good not to watch the news for a couple of days. 

My step mother passed away while I was on the road. I finally had a chance to really talk to my family back in Texas and have a good cry last night. It is had to grieve around folks you do not know. 

Hugged my 21-year-old son ... his birthday was yesterday! Having a belated party. I have to best son. Feel so blessed!

The dogs seem very happy to have me back, as do my husband and mom. ;) It is good to be home. 

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