Thursday, April 05, 2012

Small thoughts

Do you ever consider all the small thoughts that go through your head during the day? How many hundreds of thought pass through, thousands? I was thinking about that today. Probably just a fraction of what I can remember.

Pica, really, it is too early for you to go out.

Please let me sleep in today

drink your coffee first, before checking your email

God, that is a good word Ben played

there is that eagle again, where are the dogs?

is it a sea gull or eagle? no, eagle. 

i can leave the tv off all day because mom isn't here 

it is good to have the silence

god, it is quiet in the house, it is so nice 

dogs miss mom, they don't know where to nap and stay 

i think i need to watch a netflix movie online. the house is too quiet. need to focus on my computer screen.

this carpet really needs cleaning

do i need to go to the hospital, why aren't they giving her pain meds?

what is this stupid movie, totally aimed toward unsatisfied middle-aged men 

800 number again! just ignore it

 my neighbor is finally mowing 

vacuumed that room and put it away

why hasn't that tree lost is leaves yet?

god, I love the smell of mowed grass 

okay pixel, i know you don't need to pee, you just want to drink water out of the plant saucer 

i need to send neighbor thank you note for delicious apple pie

I really need to do a clean up in this yard 

crows are so funny 

look at the hyacinth laying on the ground 

please Pixel, pee out here before i pee on myself 

my neighbor is selling their house for much less than I thought it was worth 

please focus on work! 

I want to make that chicken enchilada recipe i found 

Ben is going to beat me again at words with friends. god he is good. 

that was a hard Facebook question about top 5 "last meals" 

maybe david isn't working late tonight 

it is only 5 minutes to the store, just go 

isn't that the coolest way to prune a tree, and gosh look a that hedge, it should be a painting, oh my god, there is another 

i want to go to the library 

remember when matt played soccer in this field? 

didn't his friend live in that house?

that woman is smiling at me because of my gray hair 

Does my truck need a oil change? it is sounding really funny. 

i love having quick conversations with matt about energy passing from one person to another when you are walking pass someone in a parking lot 

gosh, i hate those blue pots in the front of my house, they are only there because someone gave them to me. Why don't I just get rid of them and get a color pot I really like? 

enchiladas shouldn't be too hard, where is that recipe 

is this too much chicken? 

oh, i don't have the enchilada mix

Pixel, chicken for you 

I think the dogs should have some of this chicken, there is plenty 

why in the hell do people listen to those shows that talk about dead people plastic surgery. we all should be ashamed of ourselves

go change that f*$#^%ing channel, it is disgusting 

how does mom keep the kitchen so clean when she is cooking 

how do i turn off that beeping 

a glass of wine sounds good 

oh, doc martin! is this a new season?

water is a silvery pink tonight (closing blinds) 

that recipe wasn't worth the effort, too mushy

still have lots of hours you could work, get focused


kim said...

OMG this post proves that we are all alike when you delve beneath the surface. AND, our dogs are too. Why, oh why, does my border collie drink out of the plant saucer full of gacky runoff from the leaking gutter when the nice clean dog water dish I just filled is two inches away? You really made me laugh this afternoon, Kim.

Kim Carney said...

ha, we are more alike then we know. How funny. Yes, when Pixel is barking and poking at me to go outside, I know she just wants that nasty water. I think it is cold and has some minerals in it that tap water doesn't have. Thinking about it, maybe WE should have a little drink out there ourselves ;) I would love to have a running tape of what really goes through my head, what a laugh I would have the next day ;) xoxoxo

Kitchen-Dreams said...

great post! i think when one is worried about a loved one these thoughts take on a life of their own. struggling myself with my parents health issues and not sleeping well i have been directed to look into meditation. focusing on not thinking about things makes all the thoughts seem even more abundant! hope the enchiladas got made and are delicious.