Sunday, April 01, 2012

And the rain stopped

It has been raining constantly, I forgot how many days. Deep pools of water in the yard. The daffodils were melting. I was afraid the Pasque Flower that wanted to bloom would disintegrate in the rain. (I think I should move it out of the pot). But for this sunny moment, with the warmth pouring in the window ... the rain has stopped. Well, while writing this ... I see clouds forming over the Olympics ... sun still shining in MY backyard.  :0 Oh, BTW, I have been changing up my blog a little. Adding blogs I follow to the sidebar, not quite finished with it all yet.


I found these this morning. I love how this tiny moss can be so interesting in shape and color. Maybe I should consider a moss container garden? A little digging tells me I am shooting Moss sporangia (capsules), I probably blogged that all ready, like a thousand other things I have forgotten that I have mentioned and blogged.  Maybe I have blogged too long.



Proof that the sun came out. 


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Erin Wilson said...

I love how your blog layouts always show off your photos so well. :)