Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Sunday

Except for the cold that I am coming down with ... it was a perfect Sunday. I sunbathed in my bra in the backyard while patiently waiting to shoot a rat that comes to the bird feeder with M's bb gun. Hey, it can't get much more fun than that, right? 
Reading the instruction manual for new smartphone. I am not as smart as my smartphone. I texted my sister all day and that was fun! Plus some work, some cleaning up after the puppy. D is cooking on the grill and I am trying to finish up work for tomorrow. Mom and I are about to settle down for something good on PBS (I hope). I can't wait for the rest of Justified to arrive from Netflix! It is going to be a very long, sad summer of reruns. ;( What TV series can I start watching on OnDemand? Got any suggestions?


Dorian Fletcher said...

Hi Kim,
Long time no comment. Loved the image of you in bra with BB gun! As for lack of TV...have you rented "The Wire", "Deadwood" or "Rome" on Netflix? All great series - "The Wire" in particular. My husband and I are on the second time around with that one. Happy Summer.

Kim Carney said...

Hey Dorian! Rome we watched but I could definitely re-watched that. Deadwood, I have seen that in so long, it would feel new again ;) I am going to dig out my old Charlie Chan collection for my desperate hour ;) xoxo

Shelley Noble said...

I'm LOLing over the picture you paint of you sitting in a bra with a bb aiming for a squirrel! HA! Priceless. My kind of girl.

That dragon lily is crazy. saw wild things like that at a botanical garden yesterday too!

Regina said...

I think you Sunday was quite interesting, ou better yet your writing is very interesting, and funny.