Monday, June 06, 2011


I see lots of ridiculous job postings on a LinkedIn group I follow - ridiculous graphic design classified ads. I was so glad I found this group because in the beginning ... I thought I was the only one dazed and confused by the ads I was reading. But honestly, this one takes the cake!

Full time web designer + CSS $3-5/hr

Job Description
An American company is looking for a talent EXPERIENCED graphic designer with perfect CSS div to start immediately. To get this full time job

1. You must be an individual working from home with a quiet NOT noisy room with at list 1mb internet connection

2. You must be available immediately and work only with us as we will buy all the hours you can sell.

3. You have pass the test (resigning + CSS)

4. You have to pass the interview (checking your ability to pay attention to details + personality to work on our team)

Once you are accepted you will receive $35 bonus.
Skills Required:
Design, GUI, CSS, HTML


Maxinetoo said...

Holy Cow. And, $3-$5/hr and a $35 bonus ... what's not to love! :(

Terry said...

Almost as good as those ads that invite you to submit your design for their logo and if yours is chosen they will pay you $100!

Kim Carney said...

Yes, Terry! exactly.