Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Everyone here is very tired. From preparation and attendance of a 50th birthday party and surprise wedding last night. Have been very busy this week and having a hard time keeping up with blogging, shooting flowers, cleaning, or anything else.

Today is rainy, cold and foggy. The perfect day to be sleepy, stay on the sofa with a good TV series from Netflix, good book, snuggle with the dogs, listen to the heat click on, listen to some classical ... in other words be totally lazy. Until drag myself upright and get some work done!

2 comments: said...

Oh my god, you are watching Justified?? We were hooked last season. Partly because we need to know how to deal with some of our neighbors here in Northern Idaho who could be cast members. Ack! And I cringe during most of it because I am reading about my ancestors from that area who were Long Hunters and Shawnee Indians. Not meth addicts! My dog runs and hides every time Megs comes on screen. Great villainess for the ages!

Kim Carney said...

My husband is a huge Elmore Leonard fan and our neighbors turned us on to it! I don't know how, but I had never heard of it! Too bad because now we can't watch the second season for awhile. My mom wasn't amused with the characters or the story but I thought they were brilliant. Too much killing for her. D and I have having fun watching it. And I have known a few of these characters in Texas ;)