Friday, April 01, 2011

Nature Sounds

Can I say, that I miss cricket sounds at night? And thunderstorms! Found via Links to other Birdsong and Birding Sites, but many of the links are broken.

This is a great free nature sound site, where you can combine your own mix. That is fantastic! Here is my mix, Loon and Wind Chimes. They also have top compositions, it you can't decide what sounds you like the best.

And here at Sound Sleeping, I created a flute and bird combination.

Partners in Rhyme is great for nature sounds. Have you ever heard of Nature Music Live Radio? This might be something I listen to at my computer all the time!


Regina said...

That's great find Kim. I love it. Your mix is very good. I'll be making my own, too. Here in CT is still cold, it snowed a little bit in the morning, but most of the birds are back and I love to hear them singing.
Thanks for the tip, and have a great weekend.

Erin Wilson said...

Thank you sooooo much for this!! I'm listening to my very fave sounds on the planet. I'm all goosebumpy.