Sunday, April 03, 2011

More personal

Making more personal gifts is so much more fun. Especially for some of us that don't need anything new!

D made his "songs to celebrate your life" 5-cd for our neighbor's birthday. 

And I made a little more personal card.


Maxinetoo said...

Wow ... what an awesome gift from both of you. I love when someone takes the time to make such a meaningful gift! xoxo

Natalie Thiele said...

What unbelievably thoughtful gifts. At 90 it really is the thought that counts.
I asked my bedridden mother what she wanted for her 89th birthday, a pony? She smiled. She grew up on a farm and loved Lucy, her pony she rode to school.
She said, "I want my hair combed." Her arms no longer worked and she just wanted to look nice.
She got her hair combed for her birthday and died two days later.

jill said...

So thoughtful and very creative!! What a joy to have a neat neighbor that you know will appreciate both of these things!!!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Gerrie! I really loved the card. But D always does such a great job on the cd

Natalie, heartwarming with such simple sweet gestures! I am so sorry, but that is a wonderful gift!

Yes, Jill, He has known us since we moved here. It feels nice to belong to a community where people have known you a long time. Never had that before I moved here. ;)