Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy week

Working on a contract gig, thank you Denise! And staying very busy with that.

Also working on a book, website and all things in between at night for Tokyo Train, a Japanese earthquake fund raising effort by photographer Robin Layton. That has wound down for the moment. But fun and exciting.

While I am glued to the computer 13 hours a day, Mom is bringing in little gifts to brighten up my desk. Have a great day!

Well, that is a flower! 

6 comments: said...

Those are capital G GORGEOUS!

Maxinetoo said...

As weeds go, Dandelions are cool and fun to photo. Love these!

M9 Review said...

Simply, admirable! I loved it!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you all!

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oyaeeee m9 kaha ha tu suna ha kha aje kal tara system sahe nahi ha....!

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Pakistan cricket said...

Amazing work, beautiful! I love your blog, and your work :)