Friday, October 01, 2010

One step at a time

I didn't get the freelance opportunity I was wishing for ;( But I know in my heart there will be others.) I was thankful for the interview and exciting thoughts of getting back to work.

I have almost 'honed" my résumé into submission. Went to a career counseling workshop this week. Learned many interesting things. Mainly drove home a little depressed. But I am still in my 5 stages of grief. Not sure what stage I am in presently. I think I jump between one or another.

Have been conjuring up illustrations depicting unemployment after 50 and with other friends in the same predicament, I think we have come up with a great idea for the internet. Exciting. Fun. More to come.

Driving home yesterday, I decided to step away from job searches and résumé honing for the weekend and go to the garage for some manual labor working on my favorite project.

Sent more ring ideas to my buddy and he says my ideas are easy to laser/etch. So will be sending him new files on Monday for a new set of rings. More to come.

Will upload some of my cards on Etsy, finally.

Made a another little book of my art as a portfolio to hand out. Tried to make a movie but it needs editing.

Am going to clean my bathroom and use those lovely hand thrown pots I found yesterday for my rock collection. You know, change things up a little.

Need to stay focused on Wordpress skins for Rick.

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Maxinetoo said...

Sorry about the job but glad to hear you are doing some fun garage time. Love your little book! xoxo