Monday, October 04, 2010

The Nabokov Collection

This is from John Gall - "Nabokov was a passionate butterfly collector, a theme that has cropped up on some of his past covers. My idea was also a play on this concept. Each cover consists of a photograph of a specimen box, the kind used by collectors like Nabokov to display insects. Each box would be filled with paper, ephemera, and insect pins, selected to somehow evoke the book's content. And to make it more interesting for readers — and less daunting for me — I thought it would be fun to ask a group of talented designers to help create the boxes." Go have a look at The Nabokov Collection.

Feeling very depressed today. Trying not to fall in that black hole. ;0


Maxinetoo said...

I'm sending hugs your way! xoxo

Natalie Thiele said...

Hope you're feeling better. Carve some gorgeous pumpkins!