Sunday, May 09, 2010


With D and Matt are away in New York at the Essentially Ellington jazz contest, Mom and I celebrated day-before-Mother's-Day horizontal in a "on-demand-movie" coma on the sofa and lounge chair. The sun was out but we opted to stay in, down, for the day. Mom has pneumonia, a result of this nasty bug we just can't seem to shake. So we took it easy.  Today will be a little different. I have flowers to plant, garbage cans to haul in, my goals at work are due and I really need to get a grip on those. It is almost too late, but I will give it my best shot. 

Oh, I am looking at TWO stellar jays hanging out in the backyard right now! Woo Hoo. It seems spring has sprung and I rather missed most of it. 

This is a video of M's band practicing. He is just always out of the video. Darn. Sorry, Grandma! I hear the Ellington show will be on YouTube .... will send you that soon.

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