Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Blogworld!

It feels like months that I have really blogged. I have stacked up so many drafts for the day I can get caught up. Between trying to get my goals met at work and the big project of new story pages that most of the creative team have been working on (not really me).

My mind doesn't seem to have the capacity to focus on much blogging. I wish I could share my personal projects I have been working on. But it must wait. The last one came to me in a day and in three days I had it drawn up, to a shop getting prototypes made! And thanking my M-I-L's generous birthday gift that is paying for my prototypes ;) Saying my prayers that my little idea works out and I can finally have something, some idea, some product that is mine! And that is successful. My other two big ideas, I keep thinking about on my drive to and from work. And must force myself to continue to work on them.

Keep you fingers crossed for me.

So, the flowers that have been planted in the yard are so confused. Most are closed up all day because it is cold and raining. The peonies that I thought might be on the rebound, don't really look all that happy. Everything back there is screaming, "where's the sun?"

Mom and I are off the Costco.

where's the sun?

where's the sun?


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i can't wait to hear more about your projects...i'm so excited for you!!!

Kim Carney said...

I will call and tell you all about it!