Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looking Into The Past

Mom and I had fun searching places we have lived in the past via Google Maps the other night. (near Mosta Dome) Malta, (Aberdeen, Rait, Dundee) Scotland, (Pori) Finland, looking for our Aunt Erin's house in Alvarado, Texas. It always takes my breathe away to see the detail from satellite photos. We found most of the houses or areas. I think they tore down my aunts house in Alvarado. ;(

Claverhouse (Dundee, Scotland) is a house we lived in the late 70's. A beautiful place with conservatory to the side, an old, low-ceiling kitchen, wonderful marble bathroom with what had to be one of the original shower heads ever manufactured. The front lawn completely covered in daffodils every spring. The largest Rhodies up the front drive that I have ever seen. It was magical. And it was magical to take that journey with mom.


Maxinetoo said...

I'm so jealous ... what a great experience!

jill said...

Wow, that is so cool. I TOO love to do this. I'm always looking up places I lived as well as my extended families.

I can now do this on my iphone AND attach the photos to my contact list. LOVE LOVE technology!!