Thursday, December 28, 2006

Painted Shoes

Stripe sandal and Christmas Holly sandal from t. taylor too. Custon hand painted art shoes from CLP Studio.

Amelia Caruso hand painted shoes I love them!

Retro hand painted purses and shoes by Donna Natsoulas. Shannon Kringen paints them too! Logan Real custom painted shoes, the sporty versions.

Delicate ones at Sole Creations.

And Mona Paints wild designs on hers.


Libra Moon Goddess said...

Perfect Timing!!

My Life Partner is an Artist and has recently created painted wearables for my Boutique. I had just asked him if he has experimented with shoes. I have passed along your links for inspiration.

Thank You for sharing!

Happy Holidays!
Libra Moon

Kim Carney said...

That is great, we want to see photos! Happy Holidays to you. Libra Moon

s'mee said...

These shoes are fabulous! Thanks for the links!
My #1 was, and still is, a clothes hound, and well, he has a way of being two or three years ahead of the trends.

Way back in his high school days he would bring me his Converse High Tops and ask me to paint them. His graduation photo has him sporting black high tops with flames...about three years prior to seeing any flames on anything. We also did some comic book type shoes, "vintage" hula girls, and a pair with "WW2 bomber-girls".

yeah, he was too cool.

chronicler said...

These are the coolest! I love her other stuff too! Going to order the onsie for my up-coming grandson. Thanks for the link!

Deb R said...

Oh my! Drooling here, especially over the CLP and Mona designs.

Anonymous said...

Dang, those Prada shoes are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those shoe links are great!! I have been thinking about experimenting with painting a pair of my own and now I think I will.