Saturday, December 30, 2006

Motherlode Of Fun

Sometimes you just click the right site, hit the motherlode of fun. I did that yesterday.

High voltage metal sculptures from recycled objects by Los Angeles artist David Buckingham, head sculptures.

Mark Mothersbaugh, beautiful mutants.

Karen Savage's prints have the minimal structure of an x-ray and a feeling of scientific detachment, gloves, dresses, photograms, all wonderful!

Backstitched: The Embroidered Comics of Dee Clements. Dee Clements embroiders witty and relatable vignettes culled from her own experiences and memories.

Gordon Chandler ’s recycled steel drum kimonos and buckhead! This is my favorite, and I really need a buckhead!

And for an animated buckhead see this. Antlor kits, I like this one, more about The Deer Departed by Ken Muck.

Floyd Gompf hand crafted furniture and lots more goodies here, this spindle table being just one of my favorites.

Shannon Landis Hansen’s bizarre and whimsical lighting and chairs, her website. Oh, to have lots of money to own one of these lamps!

Susan Landau’s jewelry.

Lastly, Miranda Zimmer. Engaging and colorful, Zimmer's miniscule paintings are more provocative to the reflective mind than a Rorschach test might be. Zimmer chooses brightly colored house paint sample squares as her canvases and then folds another color of paint inside each tiny square. You must see the small canvases that make up the installation.

Now if I could just go create something, I fill so full of inspiration right now ;)

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Anonymous said...

That lamp, the chair and the spindle table are all just fantastic. I can always count on you to find the most interesting websites to visit!