Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day Trippin' With Tara

Tara and I headed over to Daniel Smith's this morning in search of art supplies. SHE is a real artist, and actually DOES artwork, I am trying to learn some lessons in productivity from her! I was very excited to find out she is selling a couple of her earlier pieces on Ebay (I am bidding) and this one, Assemblage "Girl at the Beach". I got to root around her art studio today, which is completely inspiring.

Tara's Art Camp's book

Tara's Art Camp's studio

Tara's Art Camp's

Tara Art Tag

Tara's studio

Tara's assemblage art.

Tara's Art Camp's

Tara's art journals.


Tara has a great dog, Bailey. And here she is waiting for us to stop visiting outside and come indoors!

Bailey waits for Tara


Giao said...

Kim, thanks for sharing Tara's work. It is AMAZING. What an artiste! And Bailey looks adorable, to boot!

Amanda Woodward said...

My goodness! What gorgeous artwork!
Wait, Am I correct in assuming that Daniel Smith has an actual STOREFRONT?! I generally order online or through the catalogue, I had NO idea they had an actual store. I'm quite jealous!

Linda said...

OMGosh.... how cute is that doggie in the doorway.... I want that dog!!!

Linda said...

p.s. can I bid on the doggie...? LOL

becca said...

amazing fun!

Amy said...

Sounds like a fun day! I've said it before, Tara's work is wonderful. And you are a REAL artist too, silly.

♥ joleen ♥ said...

I'm totally jealous!