Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cute As A Button

Rustica collection from Vintage Earth. And another Rustica, Jamie Waggoner's Kimono Scrap Bracelet.
Flower Hats from My Perennial. (via candlelight, via Thrifty Boutique).
So in love with Grainne Morton's work, especially the button brooches and bracelets can also see her fabulous work here (not for the faint of heart price-wise).

Amy Peters' Studio necklaces.


Linda said...

amazed, as usual, as the amount of 'stuff' out there in cyberland... boggles the mind... thanks for capturing it for us... always worthwhile... :-)

Giao said...

Kim, you always introduce me to the most spectacular links. Yay and thanks! I just wanted to clarify my comment from the other day, because apparently I am a flake and never get my mags right. The call for entries was for Somerset Studios The Art of Paper & Mixed Media magazine (not paper cloth scissors, which is done by some other publisher altogether) and need to be in by Oct 10. Email me if you need more info!!