Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Friends

I finished something today! Using a couple of prints of the large scans of Faces of School Days Past I tried to transfer, but messed that up, so just glued the to canvas.

Best Friends

And received my prints from
Katy! Prints are great, thank you.



Giao said...

Kim, that painting is LOVELY. Did you already know about Somerset Studio's (Paper Cloth Scissors) call for Girlfriend themed work? This would be perfect.

I'm going to check out Katy's site now. That print is beautiful.

Kim Carney said...

Giao: I did not know that! I am going to check that out, thanks.

tararossstudios said...

Very nice work Kim. How big is it? What types of medium did you use?

Kim Carney said...

Thanks Tara, Canvas, acrylics, and two images from those vintage school photos, a couple of buttons sewn on.

Amy said...

Kim, your painting is WONDERFUL. I love the colors and the little girls are precious. SO COOL.

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Fabulous work kim! I immediately recognized the vintage school photos...great way to use them. :)