Monday, May 09, 2005


Tiffinwallahs are the men who deliver 175,000 lunches (or "tiffin") each day to offices and schools throughout Mumbai, the business capital of India. Lunch is in a tin container consisting of a number of bowls, each containing a separate dish, held together in a frame. The meals are prepared in the homes of the people who commute into Mumbai each morning and delivered in their own tiffin carriers. After lunch, the process is reversed.

Mom was just reading me a article in
Saveur (my favorite magazine) about Tiffinwallahs. It sounds like a great system if you don't have to pay for gas in the delivery process. Also a good piece about the history of Fava Beans.


Liquid Sky Arts said...

Did you ever hear of the Italian tradition of carrying a fava bean in your wallet, to bring money luck?!

Kim Carney said...

No, is that true?