Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Big Pink Peony



Jim Ray said...

You know, for someone who's on a break, you sure are blogging a bunch...


Anonymous said...

hello, i was just reading below about your break from blogging and just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed the glimpses of your life and art that you display and it is interesting to get an idea about what some (rather small) places of the world look like.

also, very funny, last year i was in the US volunteering at a wildlife farm where i had to cut peonies as to prepare them for winter. all i saw of them were sad looking stems and no one could find an appropriate picture of how they looked in full bloom! ha, well, no one up to now!

so thanks for that :)

Kim Carney said...

Stosova: Well, Thank you for that. It is fun sharing, a little slice of my life (no matter how boring). I have not been very successful taking my 'blogging break' yet! I am glad you could see the peonies bloom because they are one of the most beautiful. Have you come back soon to see more! Take care Kim