Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Homes

My beautiful and talented friend, Julie, has a new 26 pound baby, Riley. Congratulations!

Gilda needs a home. Kathleen, know anyone in CA that needs a new dog? Or maybe I should bring Clark or Juarez to my home. Trying to talk my husband into that. Anyway, petfinders.org is a good way to find a new pet, like Pepe here.

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RavenGrrl said...

Kim, I stumbled upon this petfinders blog post of yours and went to the site -- I can't find anywhere on the site an answer to the question of how do you get the pet to your home if the pet is somewhere far distant? Or are people expected to only look for pets in their close area? Just wondering. We are not in the "market" for another pet right now (at least my husband Tim, says so...) but someday maybe. Plus I know people who are looking for pets to adopt.
-- Maureen