Sunday, October 23, 2016

I can not help myself

This election is making me mentally ill. 


Joanne S said...

If he's given us nothing else-- we've had fun with the political cartoons!!!

By the way--what happened to the sidebar of blogs? I guess I should have added them to my blogroll instead of using yours. LOL

s'mee said...

Oh. My. Word. That first one made me audibly 'guffaw'.

As much as I loathe this person, my head spins at the thought he was and continues to be actively supported by millions of actual thinking people; some who are my family, friends, and neighbors. Each supporter I speak to about him usually has one or two "key issues" that "only he can fix", and usually these issues are items that #1 will never ever happen because that cow is out of the gate and will never get put back in the barn, or #2 he cannot possible legally do, and #3 (what I really think the basic thinking is) prejudice or malice towards misplaced targets. These people, in reality, want a king instead of a president; they are voting for a dictator without even realizing it. In his words: sad, really sad.

I thought we had moved forward, we have not. It makes me feel quite overwhelmed to fully understand just how many good people are deeply rooted in troglodyte mentality and cannot begin to see any possibility that other people should exist or participate. We have become a nation of closeted haters; people who deliberately and with calculated thought pick up our toys and refuse to play rather than seeing that not everyone gets every thing they want. People who love power, money, and fame more than reason. People who feel any challenge at all to anything military or guns is unpatriotic, and that war for oil equates to "our military men and women fighting for our freedom!". And then toss in the good "christians" who know nothing of being Christlike, who read the bible yet cannot live it. People who forget that outside of Christ's Atonement, the greatest gift God gave us was our ability to choose for ourselves and that if I do not want to ____________, I can choose not to without forcing everyone else around me not to. I am embarrassed to tell people I am a Christian anymore, not out of shame for Christ, but out of association with idiots who forget Christ as the God who died for *all* God's children, not just the white 'Merican ones. These are a " 'uge" block of our citizens, the "greatest country in the world!"

Apologies for the long rant in support of your post!

God help us.

Also Joanne S , I am seeing the blogroll on the side bar, I'm not the least bit of a tech person, but is there some other reason it may be missing?

Kim Carney said...

Joanne .... yes, at first I was highly amused. Even did my own caricature of him several times. But the longer I listen, the angrier I get. And I still dont understand why most of my family and friends in texas are voting for him. I keep asking myself, Are they watching the same person I am here in WA state??? I am not sure about sidebar... are they disappearing?

Kim Carney said...

s'mee ... YES YES YES and YES ;)
it is all baffling!!!